Easy Steps to Reading (ESR) is an innovative, multi-sensory program designed for use by teachers and parents.  It appeals to children with different learning styles and, therefore, children who learn better by seeing, hearing, or touching are all able to achieve results.  Children learn phonetic elements through the use of visual cues, interactive movements, and memory devices.  ESR teaches children to start at the vowel and blend that vowel sound with the end of the syllable before putting on the initial sound.  This inside out approach to reading cuts the word attack process in half and makes reading extremely easy to teach and learn, even for children as young as three or four.


Over the past twenty years, ESR has been proven effective for children with mild to severe learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, central auditory processing issues, and other neurological problems.  Recently, in a pilot kindergarten reading program in a Pennsylvania suburb, most children were reading second and third grade paragraphs, in addition to sounding out high school SAT words after only twenty hours of instruction.



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