Easy Steps to Reading (ESR)
The Simplest Approach to Reading Success
for Anyone to Learn or Teach

  • Easy-to-learn, innovative method for learning to read.
  • Appropriate for all children and adults.
  • Time-tested, proven success with the learning disabled by author who is a former classroom teacher, tutor and parent.
  • Complete, well-organized, sequential technique completely detailed with all teaching instructions and learning materials.
  • Accurate, concise, clear definitions of all reading terminology with examples.
  • Practical word lists (with pullout sections for students to use) that include all combinations of consonants, blends and diagraphs.
  • Process for teaching the decoding of multisyllabic words, along with a list of the syllabication rules.
  • Informative storehouse of ideas for:
    • Giving kids a head start through reading-readiness games and activities.
    • Recognizing the characteristics of reading difficulty.
    • Early intervention in preventing reading failure.
    • Meeting individual needs of children who are hyperactive or oriented to a specific learning style.
    • Mnemonic devices and strategies for helping children with memory problems.
    • Motivational games and techniques for developing a student’s self-confidence and independence in reading and comprehending.
    • Integrating this phonetic approach with other approaches to reading, including the “Whole Language Method.”
    • Teaching children how to write well-composed, complex sentences.
    • Exercises and suggestions for improving skills in literal comprehension, drawing conclusions, main idea, sequence and following directions.
    • Sight lists of words with irregular patterns.
    • Lists of general spelling rules and tips on improving spelling.
    • Helpful hints on how parents can help children to be successful in math, science, social studies, language arts and research work.
    • List of publishers that provide a wealth of educational materials which parents can purchase through the mail at retail prices.
    • Invaluable aid for parents, teachers, teacher aids and literacy workers.
    • Inexpensive – Less than 1/5 of the price of other commercially-available products.  $40 including shipping, plus 6% PA tax if applicable.
    • Money-back guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return the materials within 30 days for a full refund.


SAMPLE PAGES from Easy Steps to Reading (ESR):

Table of Contents (page ii)
Short O (page 31)

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Easy Steps to Reading Lesson Plans

Easy Steps to Reading Lesson Plans is a manual designed to be used by teachers and parents who are teaching early reading and math to children between the ages of three and seven.  It describes the visual, auditory and kinetic clues that are used to help children retain the phonetic elements, and outlines steps on teaching the “inside-out” sounding process from one syllable to multi-syllabic words.  Lessons include word lists and ideas for games.  The math section starts lessons on beginning counting and progresses through addition and subtraction.

SAMPLE PAGES from Easy Steps to Reading Lesson Plans:

Table of Contents (page i)
Lesson Plan 24 (page 59)


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