Parent Testimonials

Parents whose children have been helped by Easy Steps to Reading and are willing to discuss its success…

Sue & Jeff
Their son learned to read with this method when he had difficulty at school.

Their son learned to read at age 4 to prevent failure in the classroom.

She and Karen taught her grandson to read when the school gave up.  He just won a scholarship to college.

She and Karen taught her daughter to read after two schools, one Catholic and one public, were unable to teach her.

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From December of 2005 until May of 2006, I taught the Easy Steps to Reading method in a kindergarten class in Saints Philip and James School in Exton, Pennsylvania, with the support of teacher, Linda Valdiserri, and her classroom assistant, Lisa Zimmerman.  The following comments were made months later by the parents of the children who experienced the program:

“My son, Jack, went to kindergarten reading one-syllable, short-vowel words and by January was reading chapter books.  This year, in first grade, I find I have difficulty finding books to challenge him.  His grades are excellent and his only complaint is that he finds many of the tasks “too easy”.  The work done in Mrs. Valdiserri’s classroom has put Jack far ahead in math, as well as reading and spelling.” …Shannon

“Ava is doing great in the 1st grade.  She reads constantly; loves to read!  I, too, agree it has to do with Mrs. T’s reading technique and Mrs. Valdiserri’s openness to try this program.  Please use my name; I’m proud of this program.” …Nora Bowie

“We just had teacher conferences.  Her teacher mentioned that she is the best reader in the class.  We were thrilled with the program and would highly recommend it.” …Mary Ellen Fogwell

“The results of Michael’s first grade experience have been excellent because of the fantastic foundation he got in kindergarten at SSPJ.  Michael learned to read much earlier and has become a better speller.  His math results are just as impressive. Everything seems to be a breeze, so far.  Perhaps Mrs. Valdiserri can share her excellent kindergarten program so many more kids can have the very best beginning to their education!” …Sharon Gingrich

“I have tried to be quite vocal on my opinion of the reading program.  I am amazed at what Tim reads and COMPREHENDS.  I have had to “fight” for them to be allowed chapter books from the library in the beginning of school, and homework is a bore for Tim.” …Amy Vander Neut

“Bobby was not reading the bigger words before the program and when it was finished, he was able to read words that I thought most kindergarteners would not have been able to read.  I know Karen has helped children for many years with her program.  She has worked with children who were not able to read at all and has had amazing results.  I am glad that Mrs. Valdiserri decided to try her program and thankful that our children had such a wonderful opportunity.” …Rose Ford

“My husband and I can’t say enough good things about last year’s reading program.  We were so amazed that Shawnie went from reading virtually nothing to reading level 3 books.  She’s doing incredibly well this year.  Her spelling and ILA scores are outstanding.  I’m amazed at the books that she is reading on her own! …Margaret H. Cuneen

“We always thought our other two daughters were strong readers in 1st grade, generally getting scores of O or VG, but Kate has exceeded them in their reading.  She has been able to read every word on every weekly word list without hesitation.  She is a terrific reader and we owe much of her success to the kindergarten reading program in your class.  We would highly recommend this program.”  …Linda Murphy


Comments from parents using the Easy Steps to Reading program at home…

             “While ESR was taught to my older child in a pilot kindergarten program, my younger child did not have the same advantage, therefore in October of 2006, I decided to teach the program, myself, to my daughter who was in kindergarten. Upon the initial evaluation with Karen, I realized that her reading and math skills were far behind where they needed to be.  I knew that I would have to start with basic letter identification and sounds, and I left Karen’s office feeling very overwhelmed.  For one year, I spent 4-5 hours a week working with my daughter using ESR reading and math techniques.  I received feedback almost immediately from the classroom teacher who noticed the improvements. In October 2007, Karen reevaluated my daughter using the same pre-test.  She received an almost perfect score.  Not only did she catch up to her peers, she surpassed them with an outstanding first grade report card!” …Peggy C.

“When we did not feel our private school was challenging our daughter, we went to Karen.  She taught us how to help our daughter at home using her techniques.  Our daughter now easily reads and does math at two levels above her grade level.  She is at the top of her class and we owe it all to Karen’s methods.  We will continue to recommend Karen to anyone that will listen.” …Carolyn & Greg

Academia Testimonials

Being a principal of an ESL school, I searched for a comprehensive program that would make English easier and fun to read.  While searching I came upon this program which appealed to me.  After speaking to Karen I realized that this program was what our school needed.  So we began to implement the Easy Steps to Reading during the summer program.  It has been a great success and I have seen the children improve by 95%.  The parents are amazed and cannot believe the progress of their children.  It is an amazing program that works for even those students that have learning disabilities.  The children are so motivated and can't stop reading - thank you Karen!” …Samia

It is so wonderful to hear the children read.  They are no longer frustrated thanks to your book (Easy Steps to Reading).  Each student looks forward to reading time. The reading and phonics games built up their self-confidence. Bottom line -- my kindergarteners are happy, self-confident and most of all, they can read now!”
…Tricia Salah

“I am a kindergarten teacher with a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership......  Karen's passion for helping children to read convinced me to try it in my kindergarten class.  I am shocked that all of the children in my class can now blend sounds into words, even the children with learning issues. I have been teaching for many years and have never seen a program like this.” …Linda Valdiserri


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